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When looking to transport a vehicle there is a lot of information and prep work needed to make the trip as smooth as possible, however one piece of information that will interest everyone involved is how much does it actually cost to ship a vehicle.  Though it is a simple question that everyone needs to know, there are many aspects that go into pricing trips.

Distance of Shipped Car

This is an obvious way of gauging how much you will potentially pay for your trip.  The further the carrier has to travel, obviously the more they will charge.  Some carriers can charge by the mile (km) or charge a going rate for what the average distance usually is.  Also, your payment can differ upon if you request terminal to terminal transfer (which can make your payment lower)
Size and Weight
The bigger the vehicle, the more size it has of course the more dangerous it will be to transport.  The cost may depend on if you are hauling a Mazda Miata or a heavy duty truck! Due to a lot of the carriers having limited space, it would usually cost a little bit more for them to ship something that is outside of the normal size dimensions.
Shipping Method
There are 2 primary ways of shipping your vehicle: Enclosed Trailer and Open Trailer.  As explained in previous articles, an enclosed trailer option is primarily for those very expensive vehicles which need that extra protection.  Of course the opposite of the enclosed trailer is one that is open for the world to see and is usually the cheaper of the 2 options.
Is It Imported?
If you are shipping a car from province to province or state to state, this price will differ from say shipping from Ottawa Canada to New York City. Again, dependent upon where you are shipping to and from there may be import duty fees for the transport that can run you upwards of $2,500.  There can also be many expenses for shipping overseas, so make sure to conduct the necessary research.
With companies like Xpress Auto Moves Group, you can trust us to not only get your vehicle transported safely and on time, but also we will look for the cheapest available price for what you are looking for.

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