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New Job….. check….New home…check! All packed and ready for our life changing move…check! You have everything you need for this huge opportunity except for one of the most important aspects that is often left for very last, my vehicle(s) and how exactly am I getting from point a) to point b)? In this blog we will be breaking down tips on how to safely and effectively ship your car!

Step number one Do your research! With any big decision in life you will have to conduct some kind of research to make sure you have “crossed all your t’s and dotted all of your i’s” and shipping your car is definitely no different. As a client you have to consider everything from where a company travels, the price dependent upon the car and if you are going to book with a carrier or a brokerage? Now if that sounded confusing to you than this step definitely needs to be your number 1 step! With so many companies offering the so called “best deal” you have to see which option is conducive for what you need. For instance there is 2 different options when considering the company to go with

Auto Transport Broker: Brokers are essentially the middle man and are in touch with many different Transport Carriers getting exactly what you need for your trip. There are many positive reasons for going with a Brokerage company for things like:

  1. They have access to many different companies that you might not personally find
  2. Saves you a lot of time
  3. Very convenient
  4. Able to get you multiple quotes without you moving a finger

Some of the negatives that are involved are aspects like:

  1. The Broker will add fees for the leg work involved
  2. Some quotes that look too good to be true are exactly that (some brokers will quote the cheapest possible price to entice buyers, however when the dust settles the actual price could be a lot more than expected)
  3. Dependent on the company the customer service may vary (if there is changes in times, dates or details are the customer service reps reliable enough to assist you in a timely manner?)

Auto Transport Carrier: These establishments are the actual truck companies which conduct
the transports. There are many positive reasons for dealing directly with Auto Transport
Carriers like:

  1. Dealing directly with the people who are shipping your vehicle (can give specific instructions on dealing with your vehicle and you will have more confidence that they will see these specifications through)
  2. Will be cheaper due to there not being any middle man

Some negatives involved in dealing with Auto Transport Carriers:

  1. A lot more research is needed in order to find, contact and conduct business with an actual carrier
  2. Fewer scheduling options (a broker will find a wide array of companies for the days you need to ship, however if the carrier is booked up for your days than there is nothing that can be done)

Dependent upon what your needs are both options are amazing, however with companies like Xpress Auto Moves Group who excel at customer service, transparency and go above and beyond to meet your ever changing needs some do find this method much easier. If you are someone who is need of transport for your vehicles and lack the time, knowledge and resources to find an appropriate vehicle transport service a brokerage like Xpress Auto Move Groups will go above and beyond in order to fulfill your needs. Of course, if you do have an abundance of time and patience to find specific locations and travel times than contacting a carrier directly can and will be the best option for you! Best of Luck for all of your shipping needs.

  1. Research/ Choose reliable company
  2. Schedule early
  3. Choose the correct method to ship your car
  4. Obtain Contract
  5. Clarify insurance/ any other questions inquiries
  6. Clean your car
  7. Disable alarms/ remove accessories
  8. Inspect your vehicle


Source: https://www.pods.com/blog/2021/02/shipping-a-car/

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