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Xpress Auto Moves Group is an Auto Transport Company that was founded in 2022 in Dover Delaware. We are aiming to become the global leader in Auto Transport Management Solutions across North America. Our company caters to delivering on a positive customer experience, transparency during the vehicle moving process and On-Time delivery of all vehicles. We are a company that strives on establishing and maintaining continuous relationships with our customers.

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Providing you with Value for Money

Not only do we ship your vehicle, but we also provide you with a complete all in one package. This includes Competitive Pricing, Gap Insurance for minor damages, Vehicle rental coverage for vehicles that may be delayed while in transit, and a complementary car wash gift card to keep your vehicle looking exceptionally for the road.

Reliable Blogs & Trends that matters to you

Not sure where to start looking for a reputable vehicle shipping company? It is our duty to equip you with as much information as possible to ensure that you make the right decision. We are a dedicated company that provides frequent and reliable content to help point you in the right direction.

Top-Notch Service

We’re an Auto Transport company that is there for you every step of the way. We place extra focus on making your shipping experience fast, efficient, simple, and reliable.

Transparency at its best

Do you want to know where your vehicle is at during transport? You can count on us to provide you with frequent updates during the entire vehicle transport process.

Second to None Customer Experience

We are that Car Transport company that cares about your shipping experience. When you ship your car with us, we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a smooth and painless car shipping experience.

A Vehicle Transport company you can count on

Our team is held to the highest regard when it comes to ensuring your vehicle is taken care of during transport. We place emphasis on, integrity, accountability, quality, teamwork, innovation, and customer experience.

We take shipping of your vehicle to the next level

Looking for peace of mind for transport of your vehicle? That’s exactly what our vetting process does. Our team of professionals do all the hard work in securing the right vehicle transport company for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is My Vehicle insured?

In order to successfully have coverage you must possess valid personal auto insurance for the vehicle in question. The carrier who you have chosen will cover your vehicle by usually absorbing your deductible if there is any damage. Here at Xpress Auto Moves Group we will be 100% forth coming with any exclusions or “fine print” that insurances have, unfortunately the same cannot be said for other carriers who may not disclose exclusions and or fine print when you obtain their services. Check out our blog guide on Vehicle Transport Insurance

Should I Tip the Driver?

It is not mandated that you must tip the driver, however if you have gotten the impression that they have gone above and beyond for you, they maintained thorough communication and met the appropriate deadlines than yes of course you could! 15%-20% would put a smile on any drivers face, again tip as little or as much as you feel they have earned.

Is the Service Door to Door?

This is solely dependent upon what was decided when you booked your trip with the carrier. If there are accessible addresses for both pick up and drop off locations than this will be very easy. Another service that is an option is the terminal to terminal service which picks up and drops off your vehicle at your closest local terminals.

Will My Car Get Searched?

By law, the driver needs to confirm that there is no contraband or items like weapons, drugs and drug paraphernalia however they will not “search” your car. The carrier should inspect your car to make sure any damages or personal items are accounted for before your car is transported. Now there is a possibility that the Department of Transportation can do their own inspection, which is purely a randomized occurrence.

What Happens if My Car Gets Damaged?

Though it is an unfortunate situation, if your car does sustain any damage there is a procedure for you to go through in order to process your claim:

  • Make sure that the damage is significant enough to begin the claims process (A scratch that is barely visible might be better settling in person instead of going through the lengthy process)
  • Next once you see the damage upon delivery, make sure it is properly documented (take pictures, notify the necessary people, gather necessary information)
  • One aspect that is understandably missed is the fact that you must pay the driver even if you have issues with the delivery
  • If possible, try to get at least 2 estimates for the damage that has been done from 2 different shops
  • Send the estimates and all of the information (including photos) to the carrier and or directly to their insurance company and make sure they know it is for Claims.
  • Alternatively, if you are dealing with a broker like Xpress AMG, we can be added as an additional insured on all our carriers’ policy. This way we can follow up with the insurance company on the status of the claim and give you real time updates. Check out this helpful blog guide on What happens if my car gets damaged during transport. 

Does Someone Have to be there to Receive My Car?

Dependent upon the instructions you leave for the driver, whomever you put down as the contact for the delivery will be the person to receive your vehicle. There is no need for power of attorney and the person signing the “Bill of Landing” must be over 18. Of course there are alternative methods to transport like “Terminal to Terminal Service” which again dependent upon what was discussed, you may need to pick the car up from a designated terminal.

Can I Pack Items in My Vehicle?

Unfortunately, no you cannot pack any items in your vehicle when it is being transported, it is actually considered illegal to pack house hold items and or boxes. Many companies will tell you that you can pack up to 100lbs of items in the trunk however if the Department of Transportation were to conduct a search and find these items there is a possibility that the driver can be fined. If they do fine the driver he/she will be expecting for you to pay the fine. Also, there is a potential that they just take the items, which is a risk not worth taking for many clients!

Should I Purchase Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance coverage (aka Guaranteed Auto Protection), is not an insurance it compliments your existing policy . If the driver, for example were to damage or lose your keys this insurance is there to assist in smaller claims that could be over looked by regular insurance companies. Gap insurance is usually offered by a third (3rd) party company, which often increases the overall price of the transport. Xpress AMG, however is one of the only companies to have Gap Insurance built into the prices in order to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

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