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So wait, you mean to tell me you have multiple trailers for me to choose from, and wait you’re a broker but I could also speak to the carrier? If this is your first time needing the your car to be shipped long distances it could be very intimidating, there are many different options from insurance packages to services and even what kind of trailer you want your vehicle to be transported in. Here at Xpress Auto Moves Group, we are a Auto Transport Company that understands exactly how you feel so we have compiled a list of terms and definitions that will be very useful in your search for the perfect partner to ship your car!

Auto Transport Broker

Auto Transport Brokers are individuals and or companies who organize automobile shipments, utilizing Auto Transport Companies. Companies like Xpress AMG know the ins and outs of the Auto Motive Markets and are there to negotiate the best prices for your vehicle and what you need exactly.

Terminal-To-Terminal Service

With the evolution of auto shipping, this method is used more with high volume auto shipping companies, however the customer is responsible to drop the car off at the nearest terminal location and pick up at the closest terminal in the drop off location. This option can be more expensive if the company has to locate a storage facility for your vehicle.

Open Multi-Car Hauler

One of the most customary forms of Vehicle transportation, the Multi- Car Hauler usually have a double decker design with storage ramps that come equipped with intricate hydraulic lifts which move independently. This is not only one of the most common forms of vehicle transportation like previously stated, but it is also much cheaper due to the fact that the carrier is open and the vehicles are exposed to dust, rocks and other potentially harming weather elements.

Enclosed Car Carrier

Of course the alternative to an Open Car carrier is the enclosed car carrier which serves a specific market. Again, if you have a classic or rare care that needs that needs that extra attention to make sure nothing happens to the car, this option is available. The main reason to utilize an enclosed car carrier would be to protect your vehicle from road conditions (especially those rock chips that are a potential on highways) however due to the “white glove service” you will be paying 40%-60% more than the alternative.

A few other aspects to make sure you have your Auto Transport Terms under control are:

Make Sure They Are Registered

An often over looked aspect of the auto transport industry which is making sure the company you are going with is actually registered. A legitimate Auto transport company and or broker should have a DOT number and MC number as proof of registration. These are done by the DOT (Department of Transport) and the FMCSA (Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration. In order to confirm the validity of their MC number you must cross check their number with the FMCSA, if there is a message like “Not Authorized” this company could be a lead farming company.

Make Sure They Are Bonded and Insured

Once you have confirmed that the company you are interested in dealing with is registered, it might be in your best interest to make sure that they are bonded and insured. Again, dependent upon your needs, you should discuss and be familiar with the level of coverage provided by the company. This is mainly to offer you peace of mind that if anything does transpire, you are not liable for the substantial cost. Though the cost may increase, a proper company should be able to adapt to your needs!


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