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If you are a student looking to finally begin life abroad or the first signs of winter began to materialize or your 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 finally got that beautiful coat of paint you were waiting for, there are so many reasons for someone to transport their vehicle long distances, the question is: how do you if it is the best Auto Transport Company for you?

Like the examples I used before, you must know what situation you are in before making the next move. Someone who has that 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 would care a lot more about protection of their vehicle compared to someone who is just going to Arizona for the summer and wants their Dodge Caravan with them instead of Ubering everywhere! The first thing you would want to start with is research what you need specifically. Alluding to the Shelby GT500 situation, if research is done properly, they would know to order an Enclosed Car Carrier which would protect that beautiful car from dirt, dust, rock chips and other road elements that are unforeseen. One thing to always consider is when you are dealing directly with an Auto Transport Company, you will have to conduct a lot of your own research in order to match your preferences; however booking with a brokerage like Xpress Auto Moves Group will alleviate a lot of those stressors once you know exactly what you want, where you want to go just let the brokerage know and they take it from there! Get your free Quote here today in just minutes and let us take care of your move. 

The next step in figuring out if this company, is for you will be to uncover what their specific policies and procedures are along with finding out if their services align with what you need. Just like in the first step and you knowing what you want and researching what you want, you must see if the company offers the specific kind of trailer you need, does the company offer adequate insurance coverage and is there any fine print that must be read before booking with them? Making sure the company (if in the Unites States) has a valid Motor Carrier number. Even things as simple as them asking for your personal wire transfer are usually a red flag and unprofessional, just like if their site has spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Lastly, even searching what previous customers stated about their services is pivotal to your road to success (no pun intended).

This final step unfortunately is put first a lot of the time when it should be considered one of the last is comparing prices and quotes of companies. The reason why this should be closer to your final step is because if you initially look for the cheapest price and fall in love with a company who has undercut everyone else just to realize they do not offer the trailer you need and or they ask you for sensitive information like payment with an email transfer instead of a professional method; you will be in a world of trouble going with them without the proper understanding of what they offer. After compiling a list of carriers that have checked each one of your proverbial boxes, you will then be able to see who is ridiculously priced and who is fairly priced, and you will then be able to make an informed decision.


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