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Like any significant purchase in life, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Making sure your property is protected when shipping with either a carrier or booking your auto transport with a broker is very important for obvious reasons. So, you have found the company you want to go with, you have made sure they are a legitimate company, you have ironed out the details, now it’s time to look into insurance.

Personal Auto Insurance: You don’t need to have active insurance on the vehicle being shipped, however it adds an extra layer of protection.

Carrier Insurance: The carrier you are dealing with must have insurance and you have the right to confirm the insurance is valid.

Broker Insurance: This coverage is not required by the broker however companies like Xpress Auto Moves Group off supplemental coverage in order to again offer extra protection to the client.

Though insurance is needed, the type of insurance you require might be different dependent upon your requirements (These are certain types of coverage that aren’t as frequently utilized).

Crime Coverage: Protects you from business related crimes like fraud, theft and forgery. These are not usually covered by a normal policy, and would be particularly good for those who run a business and need that extra protection for their goods.

Cargo Coverage: This type of insurance is self-explanatory; this protects any goods that you are transporting along with covering any damages or loss to said cargo.

Commercial General Liability: This insurance can help cover injuries and or property damage suffered by negligence. This also can include legal expenses if you are sued.

Over all, having coverage for your transportation is very important, by doing your research and going with brokers like Xpress Auto Moves Group who are transparent and will make sure you and your vehicle have all the coverage you need at a fraction of the cost!


Source: What to Know About Auto Transport Insurance | Move.org

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