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Utilizing a broker for things like auto transportation usually makes things 1000 times more convenient and more efficient than trying to get everything done yourself.  However, unless you have either worked with these Brokers specifically or have gotten a great recommendation there are some steps for you to take to not be caught up in a bad situation when you just want to start your new life in your new home!

Do Your Research

With any significant purchase that you will ever make, it only makes sense to go into much more depth and find out details about the company of interest before signing any contract.  Conducting something as simple as a Google search for the company name or any specific person you know within the company should help you get a feel for what the business is about.  From finding things out about what services they offer, to reading up on previous customer reviews/ complaints to know more intimate details of how they conduct themselves; all these things are necessary to get a feel of the company you are about to entrust money to.

Look Out for Cold Calls (Unsolicited Contact)

Though there are brokers who utilize cold calling and or an email list to garner new clients; if this company is promising a once in a lifetime guarantee, utilizing high pressure sales tactics or they have deals that seem too good to be true, well you know the saying!  The issue with cold calling is some companies utilize this opportunity to get to know your financial situation and see if they can help you, whereas the dishonest companies use this opportunity to get some “quick hits” who may give you the wrong information, falsify deals and again try to utilize high pressure sale tactics.  If the company you are currently considering giving your business sounds anything like this, we here at Xpress Auto Moves Group would strongly advise against this.

Get to Know Your Company

Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle, looking for a financial advisor or about to purchase something substantial; along with doing your research about the company, you should also take some time out to speak with the person who is about to assist you with this purchase.  To get all the necessary information and understand exactly how this company will meet your needs.  This is also a perfect time to build rapport with the company and again list any special demands you would need and see if the broker will compensate.   This will allow you to gauge their professionalism, customer service and overall see if they are practicing what they preach.  At this time, you can also inquire about the Insurances/ Coverages that will further assist your Auto Transport needs.

With so many brokerage companies to choose from, it will be very difficult to differentiate between the good, the bad and the terrible!  Let Xpress Auto Moves Group be the broker you need to get you to your destination!


Source: A 6-Step Guide to Making Sure Your Broker Is Legit (investopedia.com)

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