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Depending on where you have been in the past, North America, for many, is considered one of the best places to live on the planet. This first world continent has everything from new up and coming technology to some of the most popular celebrities in the world.  If you are looking to make a move here are the top 3 places to move to in the United States of America.

1. Green Bay, WI

From amazing trails to bike/ walk on, immaculate dining options to crossing the street and being at one of the most storied NFL franchises footsteps, Green Bay has a mix of both a big city and small-town feel. With a population a bit over 300,000 and the average monthly rent being well below $1000 ($859 average) this city in the US has potential to fulfill everyone’s needs.  With the average age of each registered resident being around 40 years old the “party” life isn’t at the forefront, however with 2 college campuses there is still room for young “people/families”.  Lastly, with the unemployment rate at 6.2% and an average salary of approximately $50,000, there are many opportunities to not only make money but also become more financially dependent.

2. Huntsville, AL

If outer space is something that you covet, then Huntsville may be a place for you! From space camp for children and youth to learning about the Final Frontier, the U.S Space & Rocket Center is one of the major destinations this state has to offer.  Due to the hot weather which takes place more than half the year, outdoor events are plentiful and offer things like outdoor concerts, movies, and food trucks galore.  The robust international populus fuels dynamic food options which will have you coming back for more.   With an average age of around 39 years old and an approximate salary of around $60,000, there is a decent amount of financial potential.  Due to the wages being a bit more here, the cost of living is also higher than the average state, however with a 4.7% unemployment rate, there is room for growth and a healthy financial lifestyle.

3.  Raleigh & Durham, NC

The Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) though ranking third on this list, this has been one of the most diverse, family friendly areas which implores a multitude of cuisines and a growing entertainment district (200 plus parks, museums, restaurants, and sports venues) this city covers everything for all ages and cultures. This entry leads the rest of the American entries on this list with a population around 2 million residents, and with that the cost-of-living hovers around the average with the potential to go higher at around $1,200 per month. Alternatively, with such a high population the unemployment rate is also the highest of the three at 6.7%, but then again comes in first with an average annual salary of nearly $62,000.  Also, at an average of 37.5 years old, this happens to be the youngest of the 3 cities for you to consider moving. So, if you are a big city lover who is looking for something “more”, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill may be for you.

Some honorable mentions of cities for you to investigate in the U.S are:

1. Boulder, CO
2. Sarasota, FL
3. Portland, ME

Again, with the cost of living on the rise and inflation at an all-time high, if you are looking to move and you have a vehicle you wish to ship, contact a company like Xpress Auto Moves Group.


Source: 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2023-2024 | U.S. News (usnews.com)

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