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Your Beautiful Shelby GT has finally arrived at your doorstep, the driver smiles and off loads your car when you see a huge crack in the windshield! Though this kind of thing does not happen very often, if this were to happen to you or someone you know, do you know what to do in this situation? When faced with this situation, you want to take preventative measures to deal with this event, and that is by having insurance.

Types of Insurance:
Customer Insurance
Carrier Insurance
Broker Insurance

Your own insurance on your vehicle will help the situation but is not necessary in order to ship your car. Carrier Insurance is a must if you do book with a bigger company, and lastly brokers like Xpress Auto Moves Group offer Broker Insurance. Not all brokers offer such lucrative coverage, so it is best to do research before going with a company.

Though it is an unfortunate situation, if your car does sustain any damage there is a procedure for you to go through to process your claim:

  • Make sure that the damage is significant enough to begin the claims process ( A scratch that is barely visible might be better settling in person instead of going through the lengthy process)
  • Next once you see the damage upon delivery, make sure it is properly documented (take pictures, notify the necessary people, gather necessary information)
  • One aspect that is understandably missed is the fact that you must pay the driver even if you have issues with the delivery
  • If possible, try to get at least 2 estimates for the damage that has been done from 2 different shops
  • Send the estimates and all of the information (including photos) to the carrier and or directly to their insurance company and make sure they know it is for Claims.
  • Alternatively, if you are dealing with a broker like Xpress Auto Moves Group, we can be added as an additional insured on all our carriers’ policy. This way we can follow up with the insurance company on the status of the claim and give you real time updates.


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