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As a child I personally remember looking outside my car window on one of our family drives looking out at the numerous cars on the road until I saw that big truck with new and or old cars on it. This is what most of us know as the main technique to transport vehicles to and from, however though the nostalgia is gratifying, there are many ways to transport your vehicle especially if you are transporting a vehicle very far distances and or even overseas.

Open Carrier

One of the most used forms of auto transport is the open haul carrier, which is usually used for cross country transport. A very safe and cost-effective option, which also houses many options for many needs:

Multi-Level: Again, one of the cheapest options to transport vehicles, this carrier has multiple levels to carry a plethora of SUV’s, cars etc. One of the only downfalls of this option is the fact that there are going to be multiple vehicles to transport, which can potentially delay your drop off.

Single-Level: Very self-explanatory, this is just like the multi-Level carrier with just one level. Another cost-effective option which potentially lacks the negatives of a multi-Level carrier.

Enclosed Carrier

One of the more expensive choices, the enclosed carrier is more suited for those expensive show cars that the owner wishes not to have damaged by the weather, rocks and other natural elements that can damage the vehicle.

Professional Driving Service

An amazing option for shorter range transport and corporate cars (just to name a few examples).  Hiring a professional driver has many benefits if you are ok with racking up a few more miles on your engine!  Though it will be a bit more costly than other entries on this list, one of the main reasons for its popularity is because you will be able to pack items, pets, luggage etc. in your car.

Non-Professional Driver

Though this is the riskiest option on this list, hiring a family member, friend, student, or someone that you have personally vetted could ease the hit on your wallet.  If you do choose this method of transport, make sure that you have the necessary insurance coverage for any accidents and or theft of your property.

Cargo Container

This last method of transportation is only utilized for those vast moves overseas.  Your car will be loaded in a container (usually spanning from 20to 40 feet in size) and strapped down to prevent any movement when traversing the rough seas.  You will need to have all the necessary paperwork included for them to get your car through customs.

With all these options at your fingertips, booking with Xpress Auto Moves Group will be the easiest and most convenient decision you will make when it comes to your transport needs!



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