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Your new job starts in two weeks, your new house ready for you and your family to take over your new life is waiting for you. However, the burning question remains – should you hitch your wagon to a U-Haul Car Transport Trailer or entrust your prized possession to the reliability of an Auto Transport Carrier? Fear not, fellow road warrior, for this blog is your guide through the highways and byways of these two options. Buckle up as we explore prices, pros and cons, and the how-to-book of both, helping you make the best decision for your journey. 

U-Haul: The Familiar Friend on the Road 


U-Haul offers a range of trailers and Tow dolly options to fit your vehicle size. Prices vary depending on the type of equipment, distance, and rental duration. You’ll pay for the rental itself, plus additional fees for mileage and fuel. 


  • Flexibility: U-Haul allows you to pack your car with personal items, making it a two-for-one deal.
  • DIY Adventure: Driving a U-Haul, yourself can be an adventure, giving you the freedom to take detours and explore the open road.


  • Mileage Costs: The cost can add up, especially if you’re moving across several states. Keep an eye on those mileage charges.
  • Stress of Driving: Long drives can be exhausting, and navigating a large truck or trailer may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. 


Auto Transport Carrier: The VIP Treatment for Your Vehicle 


Auto Transport Carriers generally charge based on the distance, vehicle size, and the type of transport (open or enclosed). While they may seem pricier than U-Haul at first glance, consider the convenience and peace of mind they provide. 


  • No Wear and Tear: Your vehicle is securely loaded onto the carrier, sparing it from the wear and tear of a long drive.
  • Convenience: Forget the logistics of driving a large truck – let the professionals handle the transport while you focus on your journey.


  • Higher Upfront Cost: While the initial cost might be higher, the trade-off is a more relaxed and stress-free move.
  • Limited Personal Items: Carriers often have restrictions on personal items in the vehicle, so pack separately. 


How Can I Book my Ticket to Moving Bliss?  

Check out our useful guide below on how you can get started and start moving today.  


  • Research & Reserve: Explore U-Haul’s website or visit a local branch. Reserve your truck or trailer well in advance, especially during peak moving seasons.
  • Pick-Up & Pack: On moving day, pick up your U-Haul, load your vehicle and belongings, and hit the road.
  • Return: Return the equipment to your destination U-Haul location. 


Auto Transport Carrier: 

  • Research & Get Quotes: Explore reputable Auto Transport Carrier services, get quotes, and read reviews. Consider utilizing Xpress Auto Moves Group as a reliable option.
  • Book Early: Secure your spot well in advance, providing all necessary details about your vehicle and desired transport date.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle: Clean your car, remove personal items, and document any existing damage before the carrier arrives.
  • Relax: Let the professionals handle the transport while you enjoy a stress-free journey.


Your Journey Begins at Xpress Auto Moves Group 

Ready to kickstart your cross-country adventure? Ship your vehicle with Xpress Auto Moves Group and discover how reliable and affordable Auto Transport Carrier service can be. Xpress Auto Moves Group is your trusted partner for moving your vehicle with care, ensuring a smooth ride from point A to B. Get your free personalized quote in minutes now!. 

In the epic battle of U-Haul vs. Auto Transport Carrier, the choice is yours. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the open road or VIP treatment for your vehicle, make the decision that aligns with your journey. Happy moving! 


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