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When it comes to hitting the road, you want to hit the road hard but safety should always be a top priority. With advancements in automotive technology, today’s vehicles offer an array of safety features designed to protect drivers and passengers. In this blog, we’ll highlight the top 5 safest cars of 2024, including their overall safety ratings, gas consumption, insurance considerations, and the pros and cons of each. Drop a comment if you drive any of these cars listed, and let us know what you love about your car!! (You may be chosen to be featured in a future blog!)

1. Volvo XC90

Overall Safety Rating: The Volvo XC90 consistently ranks among the safest vehicles on the road, earning top marks in crash tests and safety evaluations.

Gas Consumption: While the XC90 is known for its safety features, it’s not the most fuel-efficient option in its class. However, Volvo offers hybrid variants for improved fuel economy.

Insurance Considerations: Due to its stellar safety reputation, the Volvo XC90 may qualify for lower insurance rates compared to other luxury SUVs.


  • Superior safety features, including advanced driver assistance systems.
  • Spacious interior and comfortable seating.
  • Sleek Scandinavian design and luxury amenities.


  • Higher starting price compared to competitors.
  • Infotainment system can be complex to navigate.

2. Subaru Outback

Overall Safety Rating: The Subaru Outback earns high marks for its safety features and reliability, making it a top choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Gas Consumption: The Outback offers respectable fuel economy for its class, especially with its standard all-wheel-drive system.

Insurance Considerations: Subaru’s reputation for safety and reliability may result in lower insurance premiums for the Outback.


  • Standard all-wheel drive provides excellent traction in various road conditions.
  • Spacious cargo area and rugged design make it versatile for outdoor adventures.
  • Impressive suite of standard safety features, including Subaru’s Eye Sight driver assistance system.


  • Interior materials may feel less upscale compared to some competitors.
  • Engine performance may feel underpowered for some drivers.

3. Toyota Camry

Overall Safety Rating: The Toyota Camry is a perennial favorite for safety-conscious drivers, boasting top-notch crash test scores and a wide array of standard safety features.

Gas Consumption: The Camry offers competitive fuel efficiency, especially with its hybrid models, which deliver impressive mileage.

Insurance Considerations: Toyota’s reputation for reliability and safety may translate to lower insurance costs for the Camry.


  • Smooth ride quality and comfortable seating.
  • Excellent predicted reliability ratings and resale value.
  • User-friendly infotainment system and intuitive driver assistance features.


  • Less engaging to drive compared to some competitors.
  • Some rivals offer more upscale interior materials.

4. Honda CR-V

Overall Safety Rating: The Honda CR-V is lauded for its exceptional safety scores and extensive list of standard safety features, making it a top choice in the compact SUV segment.

Gas Consumption: With its efficient powertrains and available hybrid option, the CR-V delivers impressive fuel economy for its class.

Insurance Considerations: Honda’s reputation for reliability and safety may result in favorable insurance rates for the CR-V.


  • Spacious and versatile interior with ample cargo space.
  • Smooth ride quality and composed handling.
  • User-friendly infotainment system and Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance features.


  • Some rivals offer more powerful engine options.
  • Interior styling may feel conservative compared to competitors.

5. Mazda CX-5

Overall Safety Rating: The Mazda CX-5 impresses with its strong safety ratings and engaging driving dynamics, offering a balance of safety and performance.

Gas Consumption: The CX-5 delivers competitive fuel efficiency, especially with its available turbocharged engine option.

Insurance Considerations: Mazda’s reputation for reliability and safety may lead to lower insurance premiums for the CX-5.


  • Athletic handling and responsive steering make it enjoyable to drive.
  • Upscale interior with high-quality materials and comfortable seating.
  • Available turbocharged engine option provides strong acceleration.


  • Limited cargo space compared to some rivals.
  • Infotainment system could be more intuitive.


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